DC Motor

Delivering high-efficient DC motors meeting the needs of the times


ipmmotorsEcology and power saving have been required nowadays, there are growing needs for high efficient and facile rotation control DC motors.? We have an extensive DC motor lineup; high-output IPM motors, DC Brushless motors, Geared motors, and Stepping motors.? We will meet customers’ any demands.


DC Motor Lineup

※Specifications of each product are subject to change without notice for improvements.

DC Motor Reference Chart

Reference chart by output

No. of Pole ?10W ?50W ?70W 100W 400W 750W
DC Brushless 6 ?DRH
8 ?DKK
IPM 4 φ94-IPM
4 φ115-IPM
In addition to the above products here, we have provided many other motors and devices.
We welcome to design, develop and produce based on your required specifications and characteristics by small lot.? Please feel free to contact with our sales engineers.
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