Universal motor

Special Features in Universal Motors

Universal motors are possible to operate in high-speed rotation and starting torque is larger when compared with induction motors.? A wide variety of universal motors ranging from motor alone to units with turbofan are available.? For further details, please feel free to contact with our sales engineers.


※Specifications of each product are subject to change without notice for improvements.


uccThis is motor alone model.







Dimensional Drawing

Reference specification

Rated voltage 100[V]
Rated frequency 60[Hz]
No-load speed 25000[rpm]
Rated torque 41.2[mN・m]
Rated current 1.4[A]
Rated speed 12000[rpm]


turbofanThis is integrated model with wet-type twin turbofan.







Dimensional Drawing
uni2Characteristics of Fan

Reference specification

Voltage 100[V]
Frequency 60[Hz]
Maximum air flow 3.96[m^3/min]
Maximum static pressure 21739[Pa]
Weight 1.9[Kg]

In addition to the above products here, we have provided many other universal motors.? We welcome to design, develop and produce based on your required specifications and characteristics by small lot.? Please feel free to contact with our us.

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