Developing Contract-based Actuator Units and Products

unit02-02One of our advantages is to design and develop wide range of mechatronics parts and products while utilizing motors.? Not only actuator, but control unit, software development, and external parts design are all welcome.? OEM production is also available. For details, please contact with our sales engineers.

Track record in development

  • Cooking mixer (for professional use)
  • Automatic Cloth Drying Rack
  • Nonmagnetic wooden wheelchair
  • Game related product
  • Vending machine


Electric Actuator

actuator02A household equipment manufacturer and we have jointly developed lift actuators for residence.? We have engaged development not only moving parts such as motors and reduction gears, but finished products such as control unit and software, chassis, and remote controller.? Our related factory has been responsible for manufacturing products.

Primary specification

  • Power source: AC100[V] 50/60[Hz]
  • Wattage: 10[W]
  • Automatic Controller by position detection attached
  • Applied to infrared remote control

Cooking mixer

kaihatu01We have designed and developed food mixers for professional.? Our 3D CAD system? demonstrated both their structural and product design.? We have realized customers’ needs and demands into products promptly and precisely.


Nonmagnetic Wooden Wheelchair

kurumaisu01Patients feel the warmth of wood from wooden wheelchair.? Excellent usability: its curved armrest can support patients’ standing-up and sitting-down action.? We have made a contribution to secure safety use of non-magnetic body by utilizing electromagnetic technology.? So, patients could use this wooden wheelchair even in MRI checkup room.? A plenty of color variation is available so patients can enjoy depending on seasons and purposes.

Primary specification

  • Main Body: Wood (laminated veneer lumber made of beech tree), Foldable
  • Dimensions: 622mm(W) × 1055mm(D)× 929mm(H)
  • Seat size: 480mm(W) × 410mm(D) × 449mm(H)
  • Weight: Approximately 17kg
  • Weight capacity: 150kg

Because of our duty of confidentiality, only limited information is available for this product.
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