Electromagnetic analysis using by JMAG

For our motor design and development, we have used JMAG system, which is now standard tool of electromagnetic analysis in terms of motor analysis.? Using JMAG-Designer, it is possible to simulate various motor characteristics on computer.? Thus we can efficiently decide on the optimum parts material, its geometry, and layout.? Herewith, we can develop prototypes in a short time.

Characteristics Simulation

Motor characteristics can be instantly calculated by simply entered motor geometry, material data, drive condition, winding specifications and others.

jmag01 jmag02
Joule Loss Density Distribution Analysis Hysteresis analysis

T-I characteristics simulation

Analysis Results Demonstration(U-V phase in carrying current, Magnetic flux density distribution map)

Thermal Analysis Simulation

Not only thermal loss generated from motors, but temperature change for each part such as heatsink and others can be analyzed, optimum thermal design can be effectively constructed.

jmag06 jmag08
Heat conduction from coil can be observed. We can see how each part’s temperature is changed.

Iron Loss Analysis

It is possible to obtain iron loss analysis which is essential factor in order to pursue motors’ high efficiency.? We continuously look to make our motors lighter and smaller while trying to find the distribution and time variations of the magnetic flux density in each part of the motor after accounting for a fine geometry and the material’s nonlinear magnetic properties.

This is Magnetic Flux Density Distribution for stator-core. The magnetic flux density waveform for each measurement point
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