High-performance Brushless Motors

Esco has received approval of Business Innovation Plans by Yamagata Prefecture(Prefectural Government).? In our development work with high performance brushless motor, the data below demonstrates results by utilizing analysis and magnet technology.

DC Brushless Motor

dkk12We have improved efficiency around 15% compared with our conventinal motors while re-examined controlling circuit along with utilizing analysis and magnet technology.

DC Brushless Motor in a Compact, Low-Speed, and High Torque

DDBLMCompact as OD70mm and high-performance as low-speed and hight torque; up to 500rpm no-load speed and starting torque equal to 2 horse power
have been developed by applying DDBLM analysis technology along with magnet technology.? In addition, because of its low-speed and high torque characteristics, reduction gears are not required and can be used D.D(Direct Drive), we have provided high-efficiency drive system.

Further efficiency improvements and compactness along with enhancement of rigidity and reduction of vibrations and noise will be our challenge for the future.

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