EV Motor

Delivering Advantages to a Hydrogen Energy Society



Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Market
and Our Responsibility

With effects of the global warming and other environmental problems, along with increasing needs for community vehicle in super-aging society, all we can see more and more growing demand for EV(Electric Vehicle) market.? We believe that it is one of our responsibilities to satisfy with developing and providing various types of EV motors ranging from four-wheeled vehicle to Electric Vehicle.

Special Features in our EV Motor

We especially focus on reduction in size and weight for our EV motors.? Optimized with layout and part shape by updated electromagnetic analysis and acquired know-how over the years, we have achieved to reduce 24% in weight and 15% in size under keeping equal output when compared with other company’s equivalent.
In addition, we have actively used new materials and reduced 40% iron loss.? We have continuously challenged for enhancing efficiency and developed to provide EV motors which satisfied with market needs, reducing in volume and weight.

EV motor Lineup

※Specifications of each product are subject to change without notice for improvements.

EV motor in 75kw

evApplication: Small-sized automobiles
Specialized in high-efficiency while reduced in volume and weight.


  • Reduced in 24% in weight and 15% in volume
  • Reduced torque ripple by optimizing core shape
  • Achieved to improve efficiency by applied with next-generation material


Reference specification

Type of motor IPM motor
Full Output 240~420[VDC]
Torque max 240「Nm]
Output 75[kw] peak / 50[kw] constant
Weight 31[kg]
Volume 11[m^3]

EV motor for electric scooter

ev03ev04We have EV motors for integrated wheel, spoke, and so forth.? Not only EV motor for electric scooter, but other types for EV products are available.

EV motor for power-assisted bicycles

ev05ev02This EV motor is for hub type of power-assisted bicycles.





In addition to the above products here, we have provided many other motors and devices.
We welcome to design, develop and produce based on your required specifications and characteristics by small lot.? Please feel free to contact with our sales engineers. 

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