Stepping Motor

Special features in Stepping Motor

We offer high-accurate positioning stepping motors.? Not only the motor alone, but we also provide mechanism- and unit-based design and development.? For further details, please refer to? “Contract Service” page.


※Specifications of each product are subject to change without notice for improvements.


17pmSquare shape type








Dimensional Drawing

Reference specification

Rated voltage 3.8V
Rated current 0.6A/PHASE
Maximum input 4.6W
Step angle 1.8
Positioning error ±5.0%MAX
Direction of rotation BI-DIRECTIONAL
Maximum Holding Torque 147mN・m MIN
Coil resistance 6.4Ω±10%
Winding inductance 5.5mH
Insulation resistance 100MΩ MIN
Dielectric strength 500VAC
Temperature increase 80DEG MAX
Insulation heat resistant grade B
Radial Play 0.02mm MAX(450g)
End play 0.02mm MAX(450g)
Rotor inertia 45g-c㎡
Weight 250g


pm42Round shape type







Dimensional Drawingsute2Reference specification

Drive voltage 24V
Excitation mode 2phase on
Step angle 7.5°
Static angle error ±0.5°
Step error ±0.5°
Max. holding Torque 83.3mN・m MIN
Pullout Torque 43.1mN・m MIN
Pullin Torque 42.1mN・m MIN
Maximum self-starting frequency 390pps MIN
Maximum response frequency 400pps MIN
Coil resistance 120Ω ±10%
Inductance 110mH
Insulation resistance 100MΩ MIN
Dielectric strength 500VAC 1min
Insulation heat resistant grade class E
Radial Play 0.05mm MAX
Rotor inertia 23.4g-c㎡
Detent torque 5.9mN・m
Weight 130g
Guaranteed operating temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Guaranteed storage temperature -30℃ ~ +80℃
Life 3000hrs

In addition to the above products here, we have provided many other stepping motors.? We welcome to design, develop and produce based on your required specifications and characteristics by small lot.? Please feel free to contact with us.


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