Looking for Customized DC Brushless motors? Shaded-pole motors? or Motors for EV?

ESCO has served customers’ every need of supply.? We have production bases in Japan and provide customized motors which matched required specifications and applications.? Our professional sales engineers welcome to propose best solutions for your use. Please feel free to contact with our sales engineers.

50 years of history of motor business proved ESCO’s strength

allmotorSince 1965, Suzuki Industry Co., Ltd., (the predecessor of ESCO) was founded in Yamagata.? Suzuki Industry Inc., started operations of layered stamping of stator core and rotors.? Then steadily expanded its business operation to cover other production processes, such as winding and assembling motors while equipped the complete range of facilities and technical strength.

In recent years, our specialized engineers have developed front-line motors such as power saving motors for Electric Vehicles(EV) by using state-of-art analysis systems including electromagnetic field analysis.

Main Products

※Specifications of each product are subject to change without notice for improvements.

In addition to the above products in this site, we have provided many other motors and devices.
We welcome to design, develop and produce based on your required specifications and characteristics.? Please feel free to contact with our sales engineers. 

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