Supporting to Valuation and Inspection Work Using by Dedicated Analysis Equipment

As per customers strong requests, we have started to provide professional services for measurement and analysis.? Based on the figures measured under proper conditions, we can support customers’ product development and quality control.

Primary Measurement and Analysis Service

Structural Analysis Service

SolidWorks-Simulation-turbo-chargerSolidWorks-Simulation-Planar_Simplification2_kitchenDecades of our experience and expertise for motors and actuators have been collaborated with updated analysis systems, we can effectively support customers’ R&D.

Application Case for this service

  • Stress deformation analysis
  • Motion analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • CFD analysis

For further details, please refer to this.

Electromagnetic Analysis Service

3d_pm_motorWe have used JMAG system, which is now standard tool of electromagnetic analysis.? We can offer best solution in a short period, while meeting customers any challenges.? For instance, we can support to check from the basic characteristics such as induced voltage, torque, and inductance, to more critical issues such as heat demagnetization and vibration analyses.? For further details, please refer to this.

Torque Measurement Service

torque01We can promptly provide various characteristic diagrams for each motor as below;

  • N-T characteristics chart
  • T-N characteristics chart
  • T-A characteristics chart
  • T-W characteristics chart
  • T-P characteristics chart
  • T-Efficiency characteristics chart



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