3D Printing

Validating your idea promptly

Special Features in 3D Printing Service

3dWe can expeditiously create three dimensional modeling objects for complicated shaped components such as fan and casing.? At 15μm of layer thickness, superfine printing enabled to confirm not only components’ design, but simple performance verification such as assembling efficiency.? Using advanced material with low water absorption and transparent color, modeling objects are less deformed after having been shaped, and visible inside such as assembled components interference and washers’ sealing.? Material of toughness characteristics enable us to create even snap-fit components which used to be too brittle to make 3D modeling objects.

Specifications for 3D modeling

  • Object size: 297mm×210mm×200mm(A4-size × 200mm)
  • Resolution: 635dpi×400dpi
  • Build resolution Z-axis: 15~20μm

We welcome to create any 3D modeling objects and evaluate for them.
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